A comprehensive and strong network, direct access to the main sources of information, and a relationship based on trust, have made VALUAR one of the main referents in the executive search industry in Argentina in the segment of General Managers and their direct reports.

We know how and where to find the executives your company needs, no matter whether they are looking for a change or not. Our background and credibility allow us to reach proactively whoever we want and have a high degree of positive responses.

One of the reasons why companies choose us for their Top Management searches is the direct involvement of our Partners in each search assignment. Partners work closely with the client throughout the whole search project and not only in the initial stage of closing the deal. This makes a great difference; your company name will be handled by the top level of our firm, who will represent you from the very beginning in front of potential candidates.

Personality assessments, not so frequent at these levels, as well as our deep reference checks, provide an additional success factor that not only guarantees the technical skills of the selected candidates but also their cultural fit with the company they will join. This, together with our follow-up both with the selected candidate and our client during the on-boarding period, results in a strong percentage of success, in terms of the permanence and good performance of recruited candidates.

Our services have the same quality that the ones from any of the international Executive Search firms, with competitive costs and the guarantee of Partners’ involvement throughout the project. Furthermore, being part of AESC (Association of Executive Search & Leadership Consultants), we also guarantee our adherence to the highest quality standards of the executive search industry.

For Key Positions searches, we use the same methodology that for top management assignments, this clearly constitutes an issue which is highly valued by our clients. Over the years, we have constantly improved our assessment techniques so as to identify the specific skills each position requires. We have also renewed the ways to research the market and contact potential candidates who are not actively looking for a new job, both locally and abroad, articulating new digital and technological market trends.