VALUAR’s difference

VALUAR is recognized for its professionalism, demonstrated in its respect towards both clients and candidates and in the coherence of its behavior.

Our VALUAR Search Process consists in a proven methodology which guarantees quality, accuracy, objectivity and efficiency, being flexible enough to adjust to the needs of each client.

The intensive involvement of Partners throughout the whole search process constitutes a key component of our approach. At VALUAR, Partners not only lead processes but they also participate actively in all the stages of the services rendered by the firm.

Personality and potential assessments constitute another important component of our search process, as well as reference checks. Hence, the success of our processes depends less on “chance” but on a professional and thorough work.

Our understanding of our clients’ needs and market conditions allow us to conduct a distinctive work for each assignment, which in turn leads to solutions which are specifically aligned with the culture of each company. That’s why most of our searches come from clients that retain us repeatedly.